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I do not believe that humans are broken or need to be fixed.

I believe every person has an innate source of wisdom and magnetism, which sometimes is more or less clouded - depending on the current level of conditioning. It takes courage to walk the path of coming home to your truth and learning how to trust yourself again. The rewards are endless though...

Once you realize the places where you have taken on other people's beliefs and agendas, you'll naturally want to strip away all those layers that never had anything to do with YOU and your essence.

I am here to help you move through those layers and stay focussed on the essentials so you can create a solid foundation that is based on the REAL YOU. Once you've realized that there is and never will be someone like you, you'll start to relax into your newly discovered beingness. 

By owning and sharing your gifts and talents with others, you genuinely create the impact your soul has been longing for. Your gifts are not here for yourself only. They are here to be shared. The collective tribe is waiting for you to come home. I'll be honored to walk by your side.

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The coaching experience with Simone was profound and a fantastic emotional clearing process. By the end, I was left feeling at peace, empowered, and with more self-awareness. Simoneʼs style is very loving, empathic, and straightforward. She is an incredibly smart woman, a fast thinker, and it shines through that she is very spiritually grounded. One of the most fabulous treats while working with her was that I could share everything, even the general taboo topics, and yet never felt judged or made wrong.

Tina Oeverlind

Desiring to reveal more of you?


 Have you ever thought about taking a life inventory? When you dedicate your time, attention, and awareness to take an honest look at the current reality of your life, you'll start to see where your life feels emotionally, mentally, and physically off balance.

It's in the messy realms, the uncomfortable, the places we fear to look at, where we can find the gold in the dark and get access to the vastness of our real being. I am here to hold the torch when we are looking behind the veil. To encourage you to let go of the resistance of giving up control, facing your fears, and opening up to healing your heart. By transforming the energetic patterns of your past, life will gift you with boundless possibilities.


Seeing you grow, blossom, and expand into wholeness and embodied awareness is my biggest joy and motivation. The support I am offering is highly personalized and dedicated to the person who is committed to growth, healing, integrity, the vibrancy of truth, and aliveness. I combine a blend of transformational coaching,  mentoring, and intuitive guidance in my 1:1 work - all uniquely tailored to your needs. I am known for creating and holding expansive, grounded, crystal clear, and nourishing containers for lasting transformation to occur. I deeply listen to your spoken and unspoken words and I always honor and work with both - your humanity and your divinity. Expect the unexpected!

Simone is extremely intuitive, warm, and very sharp. She gently guided me to find the highest vision of myself, and embrace the more ugly and heavy sides, so a more authentic Anette could emerge. Her coaching is so straight to the point, and if you are willing to "do" the inner work, it can change your life and break down your inner walls (and trust me, we all have them)! Thank you, Simone; you are a rare diamond in the coaching industry! 

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Annette Craig

Your journey starts here


I am offering you a sweet & affordable entry point before choosing to embark on any of my personalized guidance, coaching, or mentorship containers.

Upon booking, you'll get the opportunity to specify your intentions for the session and give me some background information, including your birth details, so I can look at your chart - if you desire an extra nudge of love and clarity. 


178 USD // 150 EUR