Thank you for being here and being curious. The projector playground is intended to be a personal & collective reminder to value the quality of play.


It has taken me many years of wandering, soul-searching, and tasting different environments to understand that my worth has nothing to do with how hard I work or how much I know. Understanding and leaning into my sensitive projector essence have helped me ground into unknown ways of trust, success, and play.


Accepting that my mental universe is pretty different from the rest of the world, being present in the now, and focussing on possibilities rather than limitations have allowed me to see that my highest contribution isn't in the knowledge and the certificates I've been chasing for years. It is the level of surrender and mastery I've gained through experiencing life and its lessons to the fullest. Translating mundane human suffering into wisdom has taught me as much as being connected to the divine source of creation. 


I desire that those gifts and insights will be serving you as a catalyst for your journey of evolution. Humanity is craving healing. Tending to your inner world and assisting others in doing  the same is a dynamic and powerful way to change and elevate our collective consciousness. 

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Meet Simone



This is also me.

A collection of labels and social identifications to give more nuance to my human expressions on the 3D playground. Ever-changing & evolving ;-)


I am a singer, writer, poetry reader, bridge-builder, way-shower, devotee to stillness and the mystical unraveling of life, natural-born tribe nurturer, freak, genius, and anything in between, mother, sister, friend, flamenco enthusiast, Spanish soul born in another country, lover of freedom and essentialism, alternative school founder, strategic badass, multidimensional adventurer, claircognizant, 1 / 3 Mental Projector, Scorpio NN, soul and literal translator, transformational coach trained & certified by shadow queen Debbie Ford...


...and an advocate for the emotionally neglected, unheard & unseen children in this world. I am committed to creating a worldwide network that builds loving, nurturing, and safe places to rest, recover, play, and feel their presence matters. If any of my words resonate with you, feel free to invite me to connect and join hearts & minds.