Meet Simone

I see the world in possibilities and with a heightened sense of awareness. I am here to listen to your deepest desires and translate them into tangible expressions. My soul has chosen an "all-in"-experience for this lifetime; I had to surrender, transform, and reinvent myself many times. 

Being a nurturing catalyst for others, sharing my learnings and innovative ideas is written in my chart. Over the years, my sensitivity has turned from a burden to one of my greatest gifts, allowing me to feel and guide others deeply. I can't wait for you to reconnect to your truth and feel the boundless possibilities in your life.

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If you are interested in hearing more of my story, you can give it a listen:

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I am also...

A singer, a poetry reader, a bridge-builder,  a peacemaker, a fierceless truth-seeker, a natural-born healer & tribe nurturer, an essentialist, a freedom-loving adventurer, an innovative spirit, a lover of deep, energizing connection, and an advocate of the emotionally neglected, unheard & unseen children in this world. 

I am on a mission to create a worldwide network that builds loving, nurturing, and safe places for them to rest, recover, play, and feel that their presence matters. If any of my words resonate with you, I´ll invite you to connect and join forces.